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Australian Pork is known for its excellent eating quality
and is suitable for any application.

As well as being tasty and tender, New-Fashioned Australian Pork
is nutrient dense, in that it has a high ratio of essential nutrients
in relation to its low contribution of kilojoules to the diet.

Chefs Choice offers its standard range of Pork lines which
also includes Otway Pork.

Otway Pork™ pigs are bred at our farm near the Otway Ranges
in South Western Victoria. We have chosen selected breeds for
their suitability to outdoor breeding and superior meat quality characteristics such as lean meat yield, tenderness and colour.
Our pigs are born outdoors. From birth, Otway Pork™ pigs are free
to play, forage and do what all pigs like to do best - socialise,
sleep in straw, eat a healthy diet and drink fresh clean water freely.

All natural
Our pigs are fed a natural grain-based diet free of added growth
hormones which means you can enjoy the natural flavour.
All of our pigs are grown to exacting standards of leanness
and health and must meet stringent quality standards before
they are accepted for our products.

Otway Pork is produced to RSPCA standards
For all creatures great and small

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